About Us

Crest Pharmaceuticals is a manufacturer of tablets, liquid injections and powder injections aiming to provide innovative products with a great range & different varieties as per their advance needs across the country.

Crest Pharmaceuticals was established back in October 2010 and started its operations in the same month. Being the leading pharmaceutical manufacturing company we have a team of professionals aiming to provide quality products in the market.

It is the policy of Crest  Pharmaceuticals to provide quality medicines to the customers in a view to exceed their expectations. We want to achieve product-leadership  and customer satisfaction in the domestic as well as in the  international market by meeting requirements of relevant national and  international standards.

To further enhance this  commitment towards Quality, Crest Pharmaceuticals management has set the following quality objectives:

  1. The primary objective of the Quality  Management System is to ensure conformance to product specifications of all medicines marketed to customers.
  2. Provide confidence to management, our  employees and customers that the requirements for quality are being  fulfilled and maintained and that quality improvement is continuously  taking place.
  3. To develop measurement techniques to gauge  performance for improving effectiveness of our Products, operations and  quality management system.
  4. Fulfill all quality system requirements stated in our Quality Manual, including the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.
  5. To be a trustworthy and leading player in the industry which provides consistently high quality products and  services in the market?
  6. Enhance the productivity and efficiency by  investing not only in latest technology but also in human resource, so  as to improve their knowledge and skill to make world class products  and services available to the society at optimal cost.

With this vision we want to create a culture of continual quality improvement at CREST PHARMACEUTICALS.

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